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Tigris Junior Girls Skis 120cm

  • Dimensions for 120cm ski – Tip / Waist / Tail – 100 / 66 / 91
  • Construction type – Full Cap
  • Core – Light poplar
  • Topsheet – Duclear TPU/ABS mix
  • Edges – Rockwell 48 Steel with rubber foil damping
  • Base – Crown E901 extruded PE with bi-axial fibreglass upper
  • Available sizes – 100cm, 120cm, 130cm
  • Included – 1 x pair of junior skis (no bindings)
  • Binding type – To suit ‘flat ski’ junior bindings similar to Tyrolia SX 4.5


43 in stock

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Great value skis for the aspiring Lindsey Vonn!

At last, a quality pair of junior skis that don’t cost the earth. These great value Tigris junior carving skis are perfect for young beginners to find their way on the slopes.

Don’t spend a fortune renting inferior equipment when you can buy your own for a fraction more!

  • Dimensions – 120cm long (see below for size guide)
  • Design – Girls design
  • Suitable for – All-mountain alpine skiing for beginners to intermediates

Other Information

  • Included – Skis only (no bindings)
  • Suitable age range – approx. 7-9 years or 120 – 140cm height

Sizing guide

1) Measure your child’s weight in kg and height in cm.

2) Use the chart below for an approximation of the suitable ski size. Your child may be lighter or heavier than their respective height.

3) For a child that is lighter than their height on the chart, size the ski to the shorter end of the scale. Longer, heavier skis will be more difficult to control for a lighter skier.

4) For a child that is heavier than their height on the chart, size the ski to the longer end of the scale. A shorter ski will turn to quickly and be difficult to control for a heavier skier.

Choose shorter skis if;

  • Experience – They are a cautions skier or beginner
  • Lighter – The child’s weight is lighter than average for their height
  • Ski type – They want to make short, quick, slalom turns rather than ski faster

Choose longer skis if;

  • Experience – They are a more experience, more aggressive skier
  • Heavier – The child’s weight is heavier than average for their height
  • Ski type – They want to make long, giant slalom turns and ski faster
  • Growing room – You want to purchase a ski that has ‘growing room’. We do not recommend sizing skis too large for the child’s height or weight, and it may impede their progression to ski on incorrectly sized skis

Height and weight on the chart provided are based on the 50th percentile for each age range listed.

Weight 2.3500 kg
Dimensions 120.0000 × 28.0000 × 11.0000 cm


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